Symptoms of Trichomoniasis

People with trichomoniasis often have no symptoms. For those who do, symptoms may appear within 4 to 20 days after the person is infected. The symptoms are different for men and women:

For women, symptoms may include:

  • Increased vaginal discharge, which is frothy, yellowish and may have an unpleasantly strong smell
  • Burning or pain when passing urine or during sex
  • Red, sore or itchy vulva (genital area) and vagina, which can make walking and sitting painful

For men, symptoms may include:

  • Pain on urinating
  • Slight burning after urinating or ejaculation
  • Irritation inside the penis
  • Mild discharge from urethra

Complications/Consequences of trichominiasis?

Symptoms of TrichomoniasisAlthough the symptoms can become quite severe, it is highly unlike to have any serious complications of trichomoniasis in non pregnant women.

However, trichomoniasis can cause a baby to be born early or underweight and it may also increase the risk of both men and women becoming infertile and possibly the risk of getting cervical cancer in women.




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