Living with STI's


STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection and is defined as an infection that can be transferred from one person to another through sexual contact. In this context, sexual contact is more than just sexual intercourse (vaginal and anal) and can also include oral sex and skin to skin contact.

Finding out you have a Sexual Transmitted Infection or Disease could be quite a shock and can be extremely stressful. It is most likely a time of confusion and worry. You may not be sure where it came from or what treatment options are available and you may be concerned about how it will affect your overall life and your current relationship or future partners.

Sexual Health Australia offers counselling and support for individuals and/or their partners dealing with STI's. In counselling sessions you are encouraged and guided to talk about sensitive issues or about your fears around living and coping with an STI. Additionally, you are supported to develop goals and skills to deal with the challenge together and/or individually. The counsellor is respectful and mindful to the individual and relationship challenges, and your norms and values.

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Sexual Health Australia does NOT offer STI testing, for an overall check up and medical advice it is desirable to contact either you GP or a Sexual Health Centre in your area.



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