Penile Prosthesis/Penile Implant Surgery

Penile implant surgery is a permanent solution for those men who fail to respond to all non-surgical therapies and who have a clear physical cause. A penile prosthesis is an inflatable device that is surgically implanted into the penis. It can create erections via squeezing the pump of the device, which is normally located in a testicle. Penile implants are irreversible and can be quite costly.

Risks of Penile Prosthesis/Penile Implant Surgery

Risks associated with the surgical procedure are:

  • Infections
  • Problems in relation to the size of the prothesis
  • Difficulties regarding the placement of the prothesis
  • Mechanical breakdown of the device (which is uncommon)

It is important to discuss the risks with your doctor as penile implant surgery is a much greater undertaking than other treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery

Erectile DysfunctionVascular reconstructive surgery is performed to improve the blood supply of the penis and it involves by-passing blocked arteries by transferring an artery from an abdominal muscle to a penile artery. Only a very small number of men would need it and it is not commonly performed, because it is a difficult procedure, costly and not always effective.

It may be suggested to men who have experienced some trauma around the scrotum and anus regions. Additionally, vascular surgery may be an appropriate treatment for men who are born with veins that have difficulty draining blood out of the penis, which is a very uncommon condition.

Please talk to your doctor if you would like more information or to see if vascular reconstructive surgery is right for you.


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