Relationship Enrichment

Even the most perfect relationships, need support and help from time to time.

As life goes on, we change and continue to develop personally, our environment and situation changes constantly, and society expect different things from us. Therefore, there will always be new demanding challenges thrown our way.

To continue to have a great relationship we need to be willing to learn and listen to our partners' needs and wants and be willing to make appropriate adjustments when necessary.

  • We cannot expect that when we are in love we automatically know how to communicate.
  • We cannot expect that after we are married everything will be fine.
  • We cannot expect that we automatically know how to be the perfect partner
  • We cannot expect that whatever comes our way should be easy because we are together.

These are false expectations and we tend to find that out quite quickly, but what is important to remember is that:

Asking for help does not mean you do not have the perfect relationship, it means you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work

The initial passionate lust/love stage has disappeared?

Relationship EnrichmentThis vigorous lust we feel for a new partner probably sounds familiar to most of us. This is because we all tend to experience a phenomenon called limerence.

Limerence refers to a state in which, in the beginning of a relationship, the lover's attractive features are emphasized and unattractive characteristics are given little or no attention. It is even found that this innitial peaking in sexual passion and desire is due to temporarily increased levels of dopamine, noradrenaline and testosterone.

But this soul-shaking love in the beginning of a relationship tends to turn stale by familiarity. So it is important to note that it is a biological fact, that we become less sexually passionate about our partners over time.

BUT this does NOT mean that:

  • Your partner is not right for you, chances are with the next one these feelings of passion will evaporate as well
  • That you can't be completely satisfied with your relationship
  • That passionate sex is a thing from the past
  • That the relationship is over

You can both work on keeping the relationship alive, fun, loving and sexy.

It is important to remember that:

The perfect, alive, fun and loving relationship does not happen automatically it requires continuous attention and work. Relationship Counselling can enhance your relationship.


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