Treatment & Testing of Hepatitis B

Testing of hepatitis B

Hepatitis B can be diagnosed through a blood test, done by your local doctor or sexual health clinic. The test can give a negative result for up to 3 months after the initial infection, so if there is a chance of infection the test would need to be repeated 3 months later.

Treatment or Management of hepatitis B

There is no cure for hepatitis B, however there is a vaccine.

Prevention of Hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis BPractice safer sex - using condoms and dams when having vaginal, anal or oral sex, will reduce the risk of contracting hepatitis B. A dam is a thin latex square held over the vaginal or anal area during oral sex. Using gladwrap is not a safe alternative to dams, but a condom split along one side and laid flat can be used as a dam. Dams are available from selected chemist. For more information on Dams, please visit
  • Do not share needles, syringes or injecting drug use equipment
  • Do not share toothbrushes, razors or other personal items that may pass blood from one person to another
  • When getting a tattoo or body piercing, make sure all equipment is sterilised
  • Do not share other people's body jewellery
  • Be vaccinated against hepatitis B

Vaccine for Hepatitis B

There is a vaccine available to prevent hepatitis B. The vaccine consists of 3 injections completed over 6 months. More rapid courses are also available. The vaccine is available through all sexual health clinics and local doctors. Please see your doctor for more information.

Emotional Support

Finding out you have hepatitis B can be quite a shock and extremely stressful. You may even experience it as being challenging for your partner and for your overall relationship. It is also important to overcome these emotional effects, since feeling distressed will impact your overall wellbeing.

Sexual Health Australia offers counselling and support for individuals and/or their partners who are dealing with the discovery of hepatitis B. In the counselling sessions we would work on overcoming the emotional effects and you are encouraged to express your feelings. Additionally, we will provide further education and information about the condition and we will guide you in taking the appropriate steps to coping with the situation emotionally. You are supported to develop goals and skills to deal with the challenge together and/or individually.  The counsellor is respectful and mindful of the individual and relationship challenges, and your norms and values.


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Sexual Health Australia does NOT offer STI testing or medical advice, for an overall check up and medical treatment please contact either your GP or a Sexual Health Clinic in your area.


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