Relationship Issues

No Marriage or Relationship License Required?

Relationship IssuesThe very society that taught you that sharing your life with another person is the natural thing to do, the same society that largely measures success on how well you manage your relationship and family, never bothered to teach you how you are supposed to do this.

Human beings are far more complex and diverse than the vehicles on our roads, but ironically there are many more requirements for a driver's license than there are requirements for a relationship or marriage license. To drive a car you at least have to undergo some test to demonstrate your level of knowledge and competency before you are let loose on the road. Yet our society is willing to let you loose with someone else's life for nothing.

This means that for many the only lessons about being in a relationship were learned by watching our parents. However, probably no one was ever taught how to relate, how to select a good mate, how to be a good husband or wife, or how to handle life challenges. So no wonder that without any training or direction, being in a relationship can be difficult at times.

It is perfectly OK to seek counselling and support!

Therefore, it is also important to remember that it is perfectly OK to seek counselling or support when faced with challenging encounters and seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of. Overcoming these challenges together can make you grow stronger as a couple and getting the appropiate support will assist and motivate you to work through it together.

However, these relationship issues lie on a continuum; on the one end of the spectrum are the happy couples with only a few issues, who may still like to work on enhancing their relationship; In the middle of the spectrum are the couples who are dealing with slightly more serious relationship difficulties; And all the way at the other end of the continuum we have the couples who are faced with the more severe challenges, such as the ones who are dealing with infidelity/affair or the ones who may be contemplating or going through a divorce.

Please keep in mind though that, in order to overcome any of these relationship challenges, independent of their severity, both partners need to have the desire or wish to continue their relationship, a willingness to work on it, and have the appropiate skills in order to deal with these challenges.

Sexual Health Australia provides counselling and support for individuals and their partners who are dealing with relationship issues. Both Face to Face (Sydney) and Phone Counselling (Nationally) are offered.

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 Relationship Issues


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