Interesting 'Australian Relationship' Stats

We all want to know the key to a happy relationship, so what is it Australian couples want from a relationship, why do we break up or stay together, what are the factors that make us happy?

According to the Relationship Indicator Survey 2008:

Relationship DifficultiesTop 3 challenges people face in finding a partner are:

  1. There's no-one suitable
  2. How do you meet people?
  3. Lack of time

 The top 3 causes of relationship breakdown are:

  1. Communication Difficulties
  2. Financial Stress    
  3. Lack of commitment

 Top 3 factors that negatively impact relationships:

  1. Stress
  2. Work pressures
  3. Lack of time to spend with their partner

 Top 3 reasons why people get married:

  1. Love
  2. Companionship
  3. To signify a lifelong commitment

 Top 3 factors that would increase happiness and wellbeing:

  1.   More money/better finances
  2.   Health
  3.   More time for myself/downtime/less work

Reference:  Relationships Australia, Relationship Indicator Survey, 2008


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