External Devices & Lifestyle Modifications

External Devices

Rubber Rings:

When a man is able to get an erection, but has difficulty maintaining it, a penile ring can be used at the base of the penis. This penile ring will be put on, when penis is erect, just prior to intercourse and will assist in keeping the blood in the penis and making it rigid enough for intercourse.

Vacuum Devices:

Vacuum devices are sometimes used for getting an erection, but they are often not as useful as other forms of treatment.

A vacuum device is a cylindrical tube, which is placed over the penis. Air is then pumped out of the cylinder, which causes blood to be sucked into the penis, which in turn causes the penis to become erect.

Speak to your doctor or therapist about how to use these devices appropriately and to find a supplier.

Lifestyle Modifications

Erectile DysfunctionLifestyle modifications are an integral part of first-line therapy, since certain lifestyle factors can have a significant influence on erectile functioning

It is usually recommended to:

  • Stop smoking 
  • Avoid excessive alcohol use
  • Avoid drug abuse
  • Have a healthy diet
  • Have adequate sleep
  • Avoid drug therapy associated with ED whenever possible

Please consult your doctor before deciding to stop taking certain medication. 


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