Affairs & Infidelity


Affairs & Infidelity & CheatingAffairs/Infidelity is defined as sex outside the marriage/the primary relationship, when it is against the couple's definition of the contract.

Emotional involvement can also be extremely devastating and many emotional affairs are damaging to relationships even if sex is not involved. Additionally, some couples have an agreement that sex outside their relationship is permitted.  Therefore, a definition as to whether an ‘affair', either emotional/sexual has taken place should depend on the couple's definition of the contract.


Extramarital Affairs/Infidelities are common.  Most estimates indicate that around 60% of men and 45% of women are willing to report that an affair has occurred sometime in their marriage and it suggests that 70% of all marriages experience an affair.

Online Infidelity & Internet Affairs

Definition of Online Infidelity

Online Infidelity, also called Internet Affairs, is defined as a romantic or sexual relationship that initiated via the internet and is maintained primarily by online exchanges.


Due to increased accessibility to the Internet, online infidelity is emerging as a prominent issue in couple's therapy. It has become more prevalent because it offers anonymity, convenience and escape for the user.


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