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Isiah McKimmie is a Relationship Therapist and Sex Therapist who has been helping individuals and couples improve their sex lives and relationships for almost a decade. Isiah holds a Master of Relational Psychotherapy, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sexology and studied at the prestigious Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in the US. In November 2016, she will also complete a Master of Science in Medicine (Sexual Health Counselling) from Sydney University. Her honest, insightful advice is regularly sought by the Sydney Morning Herald, the Huffington Post, Cleo Magazine as well as numerous other blogs and publications. Isiah’s diverse range of training and experience and her caring nature place her in a unique position to help.

On a Personal Note

Originally from country Victoria, Isiah’s love of travel saw her calling both the UK and Costa Rica home before settling in Sydney where she now lives with her partner. Isiah’s work with sexuality began over 10 years ago when she discovered Tantra Yoga and saw the difference a happy sex life and relationship can make to a person’s confidence and happiness. Since then she has studied in both Australia and the US to find the best resources and skills to support her clients. She believes everyone has the right to enjoy loving relationships and a healthy sex life, whatever that looks like for them. 

Isiah Says:

I believe our relationships and sex lives are important to our overall happiness and wellbeing. Intimacy, love and sexuality are part of who we are. Sometimes before people come to see me, they feel embarrassed, they’re worried their problems are beyond help, or they’re afraid that they could try to fix things and it won’t work. I really want to let people know it’s okay to talk about it. It’s normal for challenges to arise in our relationships and sex life, and it’s possible to overcome them. 

Relationship and sexual issues are linked, therefore I look at both when I’m working with people. I believe we need to have confidence and intimacy outside the bedroom so we can have great intimacy in the bedroom too. Some of the changes couples make when working with me are better communication, feeling more connected to each other, and letting go of patterns and resentments that have built up over their relationship. They love spending time with each other, they have fewer arguments and they laugh more. Through working with me couples can reignite their connection in the bedroom and overcome sexual challenges too. I also work with individuals to help with challenges like low libido, difficulty reaching orgasm, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pain during sex and relationship and intimacy issues.

Talking to someone about sex and relationships can be nerve-wracking at first so when you come to me for sessions, l do my best to help you feel at ease. My clients tell me that I help them feel incredibly comfortable although we sometimes talk about things they’ve never told anyone. People find my style warm, engaging and also really practical. 

It would be an honour to support you on your journey to a happier relationship and sex life.

Educational Background

Tertiary Degrees:

Master Gestalt Relational Psychotherapy

Gestalt Therapy Australia & Gestalt Therapy Brisbane

Post-Graduate Diploma in Sexology

Curtin University, Perth

Master Science in Medicine (Sexual Health Counselling)

(Completion November 2016) 

Social Science

RMIT University, Melbourne

Additional Courses:

Certificate of Sexological Bodywork

The Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality, San Francisco


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