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Beverley has been working in the field of counselling individuals, couples and families for over 25 years. She was born and educated in South Africa. She completed her Bachelor of Social Science degree with Honours in Psychology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She has lived, completed further post graduate studies, and worked in Australia for the past 15 years.  She is a registered psychologist and she has worked in public and private settings. She has a Post Graduate diploma in Higher Education and Post graduate Certification as a psychologist. In addition she has Post Graduate qualifications as a couples therapist. She is interested and focused on working with couples and families as for her, healthy relationships are essential to an individual’s overall physical and emotional health. She is continually furthering her training by attending conferences and workshops on sexual health and relationships both in Australia and overseas.

Beverley has gained valuable experience in her work with couples, who have conflict in their relationships due to sexual issues, financial, communication, blended families and physical or mental illness. She is particularly interested in helping couples where trust, anger and resentment has made them turn away from each other. Couples are sometimes bewildered as to how they can return to becoming loving partners, and re-ignite their romantic feelings for each other. If there has been infidelity in a relationship it is often difficult for the partner to trust and return to sexual intimacy. As an experienced infertility counsellor she is aware of how fertility issues can cause a disruption in sexual intimacy and she helps couples find a way of thinking outside of procreation in their sexual lives.

Beverley Says

Sex and sexual health is an important part of a relationship, regardless of one’s age. It is often a topic that couples find difficult to talk about. Beverley uses a client centred and psychoeducational approach to helping clients express their ideas about sex. She is competent and direct in how she can best help them. Whatever their difficulties she is encouraging and positive that by working as a team with them they will be able to resolve their issues.

Sexual intimacy is a way of connecting that is part of how the couple communicate on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. Sexual attraction and sexual intimacy are topics that need to be addressed as a means of communicating love, desire and positive regard for each other.

Every person needs to be happy in their relationship on an emotional and sexual level. This is regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.



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